Ciliate 9 Vancouver

A huge collaborative art exhibition (traditional, mixed media, photography, video, digital), with DJs, dance & aerial performance art.

I had some digital art prints on display and it was humbling to be a part of this incredible night. Looking forward to number 10!

The Cosmic Mirror (Seattle)

I made the trip down from to Seattle for the weekend of Feb 25 to capture this awesome art party event put on by Ents In Ents. It featured the artistic and musical talents Alex Grey & Allyson Grey, Android Jones & Phaedroid, Hedflux, Birds of Paradise, Desert Dwellers & more..

The night started with a panel discussion on art & nature, and the Greys talked about their life's purposes of visionary art, and CoSM.

The Greys also live painted on stage for much of the night, during some very special music and dance performances that followed. Plus the decor, poi, vendors, art gallery, live painting and tea room made it a very special environment. 

The visuals, dance performers, art gallery, live painting, vendors, food and tea room made it a very special atmosphere.

Above: Hedflux

Above: Hedflux

Rainbow Serpent 2017

Summing it up with some C words:
Colour, Connection, Creativity, Community & Cross-Cultural Collaboration

For all my RSF2017 Photos, see the Facebook album here

It was an absolute joy to revisit my home festival for the 7th time (first after missing a couple) and its 20th edition.


Some highlights...
Ed Solo at Playground (first ever international DnB DJ at Rainbow...WHAT?!). Best set of the 5 days. Rivalling or better than Andy C at Shambhala for me. 
The Polish Ambassador (Market), Ayla Nereo (Chill) sets AND Wildlight together; sharing their beautiful loving West Coast nature vibes with Oz! My heart was filled! <3 I've seen them in Portland indoors but their music is meant for the outdoors.
- DJing at The BRINK on Monday, with Baron de Merxhausen spinning Dragon staff like a boss! I recorded my set and I'll be posting it up this week.
- Props to The Big Fucking Robots smashing it at The Brink, you guys rock Andrw Waugh & Rory McMahon !! 
- Some awesome hangs with Christopher Citizen Gafforini big ups!! Also Loved the Prince purple rainbow set dude!
- 20th Anniversary photo gallery brought back all the great memories of my past 6 Rainbows!
- Inspiring art everywhere - favs including Andy Thomas and some talented Canadians there like Brad Rhadwood (who painted a stunning Australian-wildlife inspired piece)
- Great workshops I caught including Tom Cosm 's mind-bending “E-Nangs” and a great one on Ecological restoration
- 5 theme camp stages providing extra music value, all out of pure passion
- Amazing positive energy the whole festival, so many great connections and heart-filled conversations with people I may never meet again (but we're all One anyway).
- Meeting the lovely Chunk Bunker & Jacquie Jordan who are coming over for Shambhala and Oregon Eclipse - and stomping up a storm with them to Chamberlain and Staunch at Sunset Stage! Fuck Australia has some sick Glitch talent !!!
- Wandering around for a good 4 or 5 hours taking photos during the mayhem of Saturday night. Fire, lasers and art galore. Thankyou to the projection artists, VJs, sculptors, riggers and sound and lighting techs for making it such a magical place.
- The closing ceremony brought a few tears to my eye. The people of the land remind us how important it is to come together to connect with each other, listen to one another and listen to our hearts.

Lastly I just have to mention, that although British Columbia is my home at the moment and I fucking love it and all my fam there, it was so nice to be back amongst the gumtrees full of cockatoos, kookaburras (and a plethora of other birdlife) for a while!

Ending with some L words.. Land, Love, Light and Fricken LASERS!